Each year a BCPE preparatory class is offered at the Applied Ergonomics Conference. The small size of the review class makes it possible to target the class to the audience's needs by answering specific questions and practicing human factors problem solving scenarios. Attendees of past prep classes have included individuals with educational backgrounds in occupational and physical therapy, safety, and human factors engineering. The diverse backgrounds of attendees demonstrate that the profession remains one in which some individuals enter via higher education in human factors, while others enter from other professions. The FPE and BCPE acknowledge the board members of the Applied Ergonomics Conference (AEC) for choosing to offer the class despite its small number of attendees, recognizing that this is the only preparation class offered. The AEC board members feel that it is important to encourage professionalism through the credentialing process, as do the board members of the Foundation for Professional Ergonomics. Please check the web for the latest AEC dates and location.

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